Thursday, January 20, 2011

#20 - Tutorial Ragamuffin Barbie Quilt

We've had a pretty non-eventful day and I couldn't think of anything else to take a picture of, except maybe snow. But I've taken enough pictures of snow!

So, I thought I'd show a "how to" for small quilts. Not that I have any idea what I am doing or anything. Hence, the reason they are quilts for dolls :) The girls and I made these before Christmas and I meant to do a post about them before the new year, but didn't. We had also made another simple Barbie quilt that I did post about HERE.
So here we go!

I got this idea from a larger quilt my very crafty sister made Anna.
It's called a ragamuffin quilt and is pretty easy to make!
Cut 8 squares of material either 5 or 6 inches. It's according how big you want your quilt to be. You can use different colors of course. Then cut quilt batting or thick flannel about 1 inch smaller than your material squares.
Lay the batting/flannel between the squares and then sew an X across from corner to corner.

Make sure your thread matches up with the material.

Here are the four squares all sewn with X's.

Next, your gonna sew it all together! Put whatever side you want on the back together and then sew about a 1/2 inch seam.

It should look like this.

After you sew two of them together, sew those two pieces together.

Like this. Then sew a 1/2 inch seam all the way around it.
Please don't look too closely or you'll see I really have no idea what I was doing....hehe!

The back side.

Here is where the ragamuffin comes into play! Take a pair of snips or scissors and cut the material from that 1/2 inch seam allowance you had. The more you cut the cuter it gets. Just make sure you don't cut too far down into the seam. After you get done snipping, hand or machine wash it and it looks a little ragged. WARNING: There will be lots of thread clippings that you'll just love! Ha!

Closer look.

We made a small pillow too. :)

I made this one with just fleece and cotton material with no batting in between. It turned out pretty cute.

We made this one for a doll Anna got for Christmas. Instead of making the four squares we just sewed around the edges and then lines across the middle to give it a quilted look. Then we snipped the edges all the way around.

We did the same for Holly's doll, Rebecca.

She and her pups really liked it.

Psalm 32:1
"Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,
Whose sin is covered."

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Jacquie said...

Another thing I never even had to consider making. There weren't too many dolls around here, either. Haha!! Those are cute!

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