Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#11 - Gone with the Cabin Fever

The girls have been wanting to watch, "Gone with the Wind," and today I finally let them after they got finished with school. It has never been one of my favorites and until a few years ago I had never even watched the entire movie. I don't care much for Scarlett, but I know that she is a lot like most people (me!) deep down, with that selfish sin nature.....ha!

Even though we had gotten out of the house for a little yesterday, cabin fever was beginning to set in! When Brian got home from work we headed to get a BOGO free Blizzard at the DQ! I just love when it snows!

(Side note: This Dairy Queen used to be a Druthers. Remember those?! Oh, what memories!)There was a 25th Year Blizzard Anniversary sign in the window of the DQ and Brian said what is sad is that he remembers when they first came out! I do too! They still flip 'em upside down at ours before they hand them to you. :)

It has taken me about an hour to eat mine, because I've had to wait on the chocolate to melt when I took a bite! It's still a bit hard to chew with those back teeth! :D

Psalm 119:103
"How sweet are Your words to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my mouth!"

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