Sunday, January 23, 2011

#23 - Birthdays and Cards

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday!
Happy Birthday, Pam!

This was taken last May :)

Anna hasn't done a lot of painting lately and yesterday I asked her to paint a few cards. The one on the left is for my friend Erica, whose birthday is tomorrow. I'm exactly 20 days older than her and she has never let me live it down! The card on the right was for Nana. Her favorite color is yellow, so Anna added some yellow with her violets!

Here is a wildflower card she is also working on.
(My personal fave!)

She is painting this hibiscus from a picture that was taken in Panama last summer.

Here are a few of her recent paintings/drawings:

She did this birds of paradise flower for my niece.

And she did this giraffe for my great-nephew Aidan!

Whom we can't wait to see in two months when his mommy gets married!!! So hard to believe he's almost 3 now!

Psalm 90:17
"And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands."

(This is the scripture that Anna puts at the end of all of her emails:)

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Jacquie said...

Wow! Anna is talented. I love the idea of having her design your cards. Erica's card was my favorite!!

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