Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#26 - Snow Go

Here is what our backyard looked like when I got up this morning. Everything was white! I have taken so many snow pictures this winter, but I couldn't resist a few more.

They had predicted we'd get 4-6 inches, but we ended up with around 3.

This bush looked like this when I first noticed it being completely white.
Then as the day went on and the snow kept falling it looked like this:

Poor thing :)

The girls went out for a little while to feed the critters and play with Cody boy.

I usually don't complain too much about winter weather, but I sure can't wait to see this:

Bugs and all!

I wanted to say Happy Birthday my sweet sister-in-law Becky today!!! I am sure being in Texas she just enjoys seeing these snow pics and not being in it firsthand! Love you Becky!

1 Chron. 16:31
“The LORD Reigns.”

1 comment:

Jacquie said...

My favorite thing about snow is how it looks on trees.

My favorite picture is the next to the last one. The pink coat pops against all that gray/white.

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