Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Blog Posts

I've been trying to catch up our blog!  You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter - jenn5577!

Here are some links to the posts I've done tonight.  I have several more, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow night!

February Happenings
Aunt Lexie
Bella's Birthday and Mud
Watoto Children's Choir
Ashland - Henry Clay Estate
May Happenings
Jerry's Visitation and Funeral


Molly Ray - Our Newest Family Member

The week after Jerry passed we added a new member to our family. :)  
The girls have always wanted a puppy and so we began to pray about it.
Brian's cousin's Scottie Terrier, Nellie, had some puppies that were too cute.  So the girls and I went to see them one afternoon while Brian was at work.  Needless to say that we fell in love immediately!  So when Brian got home from work we went to get our sweet little Molly.
She is actually half Mini Schnauzer and half Scottie!
We had to take her to Pet Smart after we picked her up to get her necessities!

Isn't she cute?!
The girls discovered that she can wear their Build-a-Bear clothes. :)
Poor Brian has another lady in the house!  I don't think he minds though.  He's pretty smitten with her too!

This was after her first puppy cut!  It wiped her out.
She turned 16 weeks old today and we feel like she has always been a part of our family!
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