Friday, March 25, 2011

#84 - Date Night

Sissy's b-day is next Tuesday so tonight she invited the girls to Gattitown and for a sleepover! This afternoon I called Brian at work and he said - whatdoya want to do tonight?! So we went to eat at Red Lobster (great coupon HERE) and then we went to watch Lincoln Lawyer. It was a pretty great night. The movie was very much a thriller and had a good plot. There was a little bit of language, but other than that it was pretty good.
My honey and me :)
I've been asked to come and take pictures tomorrow for a St. Baldrick's event where they shave heads of hair for children's cancer research. I don't think I'll be joining in, but I'll have some cute pics to share of other's bare heads!

Psalm 85:10-11
"Love and faithfulness meet together;
righteousness and peace kiss each other.
Faithfulness springs forth from the earth,
and righteousness looks down from heaven."

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Jacquie said...

Oh, that's the Matthew M movie, isn't it? I may wanna see that one. Sounds like you and Brian had a nice evening alone together!

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