Monday, March 21, 2011

#77, 78, 79, & 80 - Vicki & Trent's Wedding in Arkansas

This blog post is going to explode with pictures! I just figured I'd do my 4 days I missed all in one post :)
We left early Thursday morning for Pea Ridge, Arkansas for my niece's wedding. My sister, Starla, moved out there after she got out of the Army 23 years ago.

I was actually driving when we drove through St. Louis so Anna took our traditional picture of the arch. For the past several years we have been driving I-64 through Indiana, Illinois, then through Missouri to Springfield then on down to Pea Ridge. On our way back home (we left directly after the reception) for some reason the GPS had us go a different route on HWY 60 across Missouri. I was asleep and before Brian realized what was going on it was too late to turn around! Ha! It reminded me of the first trips we took out there when Mom and Dad would drive through western Ky and then the Ozarks. It would literally take us 15-16 hours, but now we can make it in 11 hours usually. Our little detour coming home was about the same amount of time. Brian drove halfway and then I drove almost the other half. I am just so grateful for traveling grace there and back!
We always stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Bentonville. Their rates are great and it is always very clean and nice. And this time there was a nice little bouquet of flowers in our room when we arrived!
Thursday when we got there we just hung out at Sis and Mike's house and ate pizza. Then Friday morning I ran some errands with Sis and then went back to the hotel to watch the girls swim for a little while.

Friday afternoon we went to Vicki and Trent's rehearsal.

They got married at a place called The Inn at Carnall Hall on University of Arkansas' campus. It was 106 years old and very beautiful!
Their pastor married them and used his iPad! I thought that was funny.

My familia!

Can't remember what was being said here, but it was funny. :)

Vicki & Aidan

Dad, Sis, & Aidan

They needed a wallet size photo for their guest book, so we used this one :) The Walgreens in Bella Vista rocks!

Sweet kisses!

Sweet sisters!

Trent's Dad and Step-mom hosted the rehearsal dinner at Carino's in Rogers.

They had wanted me to take the photographs, but I suggested that they go ahead and hire someone to professionally take them. I was scared! But I did take the back-up photos....1451 to be exact :)
Her colors were kelly green and pretty together!

"Love never fails"

Her dress was gorgeous!
She was too!!!

Ariel & Vicki after getting ready.

I made her pose in front of this window and we couldn't stop laughing! She kept saying....what should I look at?!

I tried a little photoshopping on this one of Ariel :)

One of my favorites.

Anna did the guestbook.

The groom and his groomsmen walked into ZZ Top's song "Sharp Dressed Man" It was cute!

There she is!

Sis and the newlywed!

Beautiful couple - inside and out!

Mr. GQ

Aidan, Sis, Trent, Vicki, Mike, & Ariel

Aidan - he is such a cutie! So hard to believe he'll be three years old in 2 weeks.

Arriving at the reception.

The cake. The lady that made this has been on a Food Network cake challenge before!

The groom's cake :)

Father/Daughter dance - so sweet! My nieces have always had a special bond with their Daddy. I am sure Mike had a speech ready to say to her during this dance. She was sobbing almost the entire dance.

Mother/Son dance!

Leaving with sparklers all aglow!

They left on a plane! How neat!

They flew around the area for about 30 minutes after everybody left. Trent surprised her with their honeymoon and didn't tell her until Sunday morning when they got to Atlanta that they would be going to Jamaica! They are a precious couple and we pray God will always bless them in their walk together with Him!

This was right before we left for KY. I miss my sister and wish we could live closer. Vicki & Trent will be living in Atlanta - so I tell Sis that she and Mike should move to Knoxville and be halfway!

It was a wonderful weekend and so very hard to believe that our little Vicki is so grown up. Here is the video we did for their ceremony:


Jacquie said...

I don't know if those were all your wedding photos, by my lands, those are amazing!!

The wedding video is almost always my favorite part.

PS - I wouldn't mind taking "Mr. GQ" home with me. Adorable.

Tina said...

You're photos are beautiful! Great job!!

Trent, Vicki & Aidan said...

This is the first time I've seen this post; Trent and I just spent the last 15 mins looking at it and watching the video. We were smiling so big looking at all the pictures and it came at the perfect time considering our one year anniversary is right around the corner. It was such an awesome day and I'm so thankful that you all were able to be such a big part of it! Love you guys!

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