Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's in a Name?

For Kelly's SUYL this week we are sharing how we named (gonna name) our kiddos.

We've got two daughters and their names are Anna Elizabeth and Holly Peyton. We didn't name them after any other family members. We wanted them to have their own names.
It's all about the principle of individuality! :)

Anna was the easiest name we picked. It was a name that Brian had always loved and I fell in love with it too. We played around with a middle name right up until we had her! I absolutely loved Elizabeth and it went so well with Anna. I just liked the way it had an old world feel to it! Now she loves her name and it suits her just fine! A couple of months ago I was going through some daydream notes I had scribbled on while in college 4 years before she was born and Anna Elizabeth was on one of the lists. Isn't that neat?!

Anna means - "Gracious One"

For Holly's name we just kind of came up with it! I just loved the name Holly! When I was about 7 months pregnant we went on a mini-vacation trip to Pigeon Forge. While we were down there I found some bears that had names embroidered on their dresses. I bought Anna one and picked out the one that said Holly and bought it too! So I guess that is when we sealed the deal :D The Peyton just came out of nowhere really. Just a name we both loved. She loves her name too!

Holly means - "Plant with Red Berries!" Ha!

The greatest part about their names is that they are both written in God's - Lamb's Book of Life!!!
Anna was saved 4/27/10 and Holly on 9/17/10!!!

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gianna said...

My son's name is Dane and I was so happy to learn that it meant something a whole lot more meaningful than just "native of Denmark." It means God is my judge. Our kids names mean, Mother, Small Hill, God is my Judge, and My sheaf. We like our kids' names but obviously we didn't pick them all according to their meanings!

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