Thursday, May 13, 2010

Favorite Books

This week over at Kelly's Korner SUYL we are sharing our favorite books and kids books.

Here are a few of mine:

Between the ages of about 9 to 12 I read these Babysitter's Club books non-stop! I think I have almost the entire set!!!

The Saddle Club was another one of my absolute favorites!

Of course the Bible is my all time favorite!

When the girls were little Goodnight Moon and The Berenstain Bears and The Spooky Old Tree were their faves!

I read Redeeming Love about a month ago and fell in love! This is a very emotional, but wonderful book. I just LOVE Francine Rivers!

I love this book by Beth Moore, Feathers From My Nest!

Being a homeschool mom I have to add this dictionary in my list of faves! Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary is a great resource and he used scriptures with many of his definitions! Here is a link to an online copy: Webster's 1828

This summer for Literature the girls and I (Brian too) are going to read Pilgrim's Progress together. I found a study guide at a yard sale a few weeks ago! We're excited!

I love to read, but don't always get the time to. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to finding some new stuff to check out!!!
Many blessings!


Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker said...

Babysitter's Club was my favorite! I was sure I wanted to be a babysitter when I grew up. :) They came out with a movie once, loved it too!

Lisa said...

I loved babysitters club too!!

Picklebugmuffinsmommy said...

Love your blog! Became a follower!

Beth McC. said...

LOVE the Babysitters club that is a blast from the past! Great Picks! Happy Friday!

Amber Dawn said...

I'm reading Reedeeming Love right now...It's my second time reading it actually. It's such a beutiful picture of what true love should look like. I also love the Scarlet Thread by her. Go Francine! lol :)

Emily said...

I had completely forgotten about the Berenstain Bears... I read them a lot growing up.. and of course loved the Babysitter's CLub.

KacieB said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE that dad had one while I was growing up...and I love that you listed it as one of your favorites! I ended up here from Kelly's Korner :) Good list!!!!

aimee said...

I think every woman should read Redeeming Love! It's such a great example of God's all encompassing love that we should all be aware of!! LOVE that book!

Shoshanah said...

I loved all the baby-sitter's club books! I read them all religiously throughout elementary schoo (and even through middle school if I'm completeley honest)!

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