Thursday, May 6, 2010

Low-fat Cake, Babies, & Quilts

We have had a busy couple of weeks around here! But we love it!
A few weeks ago I had read about baking a cake with only a can of pop and thought hmm...I wonder if it would taste good?
So I tried it and guess what......

It was scrumptious!!!
All I did was beat about 12 oz. of lemon-lime soda with a yellow cake mix and baked it for the amount required. I also added some lemon extract just to punch it up a bit. For the icing I mixed cool whip with some more lemon extract and a hint of yellow food coloring. I was so amazed that this actually worked! Next time I need to beat the cake mix for a little bit longer so that it will rise up a little more. With my calculations each piece had approximately 5 grams of fat.
Not too bad :P (For a chocolate cake mix you can use a can of Coke.)

This little girl has stolen our hearts!
Last Tuesday I got to keep her all day and then she spent the night with us! We were having revival so I was able to take her with us both Tuesday and Wednesday! I didn't want to take her home after Wednesday's service, but her mommy and daddy were missing her.

She is starting to smile and laugh a little bit. Absolutely precious!

This week we have been working on the girl's quilts again and we officially finished Tuesday!!!
They're not perfect, but with some more practice I'll get better....hopefully :D
This one above is Holly's for her doll Liberty.

This is Anna's for her doll Jubilee.

Here is Jubilee's pillow that Anna embroidered.

Holly is still working on Liberty's pillow.

Jubilee sure did like her pillow and quilt! She went straight to sleep ;)

Please remember Brian's Uncle Larry, his wife, Lora passed away early Tuesday morning. She has battled cancer for the past 2 years.

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