Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Last week was a sad week. Brian's Aunt Lora passed away early Tuesday morning. They had her visitation on Thursday night and there was a LOT of people that came. At one point there was a line backed up all the way around the funeral home. Brian and I dropped the girls off at Nina's house while we went to the visitation. Her funeral was on Friday.
This is how I remember Lora. She was so beautiful and had such a funny personality. She would always come off with the funniest witty little comments!
She always made Larry these delicious low-fat sandwiches with the Pilsbury French Bread during his transplant. One time I called her to ask how in the world she rolled that bread out enough to make them and she just laughed so hard! There is a seam that you can unroll the entire piece of bread and I was trying to roll it out with a rolling pin!

Brian, Pam, and the girls after the funeral Friday.

Me, Pam, and the girls.
It was so hot on Friday afternoon when we got home so we let the girls take their first dip in the pool! But they didn't get to stay long because Holly had a make-up softball game.

Anna took these pictures for me! The Bees won 16-0 against the Sand Gnats!!!

Saturday they played again against the Scappers, but got beat 19-5. I had a yard sale Saturday so Brian took her to the game and Anna and I stayed at home to man the sale.

Suse came over and brought me these beautiful roses for Mother's Day and Anna picked this other pretty bouquet for me!

Sunday morning we went to church and then took Nana out for lunch for Mother's Day. When we got home we put together our new kites and headed down to the college to try our hand at flying them.
The one Brian was using kept taking right off. Holly got to fly it way high.

Anna got to fly that one high too.

I tried and tried to get this one up, but it never happened. We just didn't have enough wind and to be honest I ran out of wind running with that thing too!!

We had a great day and I am one truly blessed Momma!

I really don't deserve to be blessed with such a wonderful family! I am so very grateful to the Lord for loaning them to me though!!!

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