Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here a Chick There a Chick

We have had a pretty busy week. I need to get back into the habit of blogging more frequently so we'll have all of this stuff documented. So here goes a recap of our last week.......
in pictures of course! :D
We've had a little chickie action in the classroom!

First one named Hope.

Second named...

And the third named Sally.

The girls love to cheer on the newborns!
We had 3 out of 10 to hatch this time. The batch before that I didn't blog about didn't survive. Out of 28 eggs, none hatched. But we're glad to get the three this time!

We also got flocked by our youth group at church! The girls loved it and wanted to keep them. The youth are raising money for their mission trip to Mississippi this summer.

The girls got to play in the rain a little. And yes, Anna has on a skirt and bonnet. :) I also love that I caught Holly mid-puddle jumping!

Saturday after Brian bush-hogged the yard (we've been blessed with a lot of rain!) and we raked and raked, the girls got in a little swim time...
........while Brian grilled us some sirloin and turkey dogs!

Sunday after church we took the top off the Jeep and went for a little spin.

After this we went to get an ice cream and unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Anna holding her melting ice cream over the edge of the Jeep while going down the highway. It was indeed a sight to see ice cream splattering all over the back, not to mention it making it's way up to the dash in front too! She said that it was melting too fast so she just held it out!

Have I ever mentioned that I love this man?!

We've had a great week and that just about brings us up to date. Today we got to keep Bella for a little while and she even got to go to Holly's game tonight! :D
She is really starting to coo and talk and we just LOVE it!!!
Have a blessed week!!!

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