Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a truly blessed CHRISTmas this year. Christmas Eve we went to Dad's house to celebrate! We decided about a month ago that instead of all of the kiddos drawing names that we'd just find a family that needed help. Then we were going to do a few Christmas crafts with the kids. It turned out wonderful!

Anna finally got to hold Miss Kathryn Reese, her new baby cousin!

All the kids making their ornaments & stockings! Before we got started I was able to share why we were doing this and how we have our hope in Jesus!

I LOVE this pic of our newest addition :D

So so sweet!



Anna's snowman art on her ornament.

Pa and Kathryn Reese

Madison & Anna

Pa & Marla got everybody presents. The girls got a Toy Story 3 game!

We woke up Christmas morning with snow on the ground!
The girls stockings (for memory sake): I stitched Holly's name on hers a few days ago :)
We got Anna's when she was a baby.

This year we did a LOT less than we've done in the past and it was truly one of the best Christmas' ever!

Liberty & Jubilee got new dresses!

We surprised the girls with a Wii.

Shock & awe!

We surprised Brian with socks and a dvd!

Brian was not suppose to get me anything, but they snuck and did anyway.

The girls modeling their new dresses!

Brian helped me fix a big breakfast and it was yummy!
Then we had a devotion and Brian read the Christmas story! So thankful for the family that the Lord has blessed me with!
Hope you all had a blessed CHRISTmas!
My brother Garland and his girls are in Kentucky!!! He and his oldest are traveling back to Tennessee for a softball camp Monday morning, but they'll be back Wednesday and stay until Saturday! Cori, his youngest will come and stay with us a couple of days! We can't wait!

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Jacquie said...

I love how y'all did for a family in need... that's wonderful - and truly the Christmas spirit!!!

I bet the girls were excited about a White Christmas!!!

And... I'm LOVING your new sweater. So cute.

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