Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Last Christmas Gathering for 2010

We had our last Christmas gathering last night at Brian's grandparents and we went to my Dad's afterwards to see my brother and Kati! They had taken Kati (who btw is an awesome softball player :) to a softball seminar/camp at Tenn Tech a few hours away . The camp was Mon-Wed so they came home on Sunday and then left for TN early Monday morning and got back Wednesday. His youngest Cori, stayed with us for a couple of nights and our girls didn't want to turn her loose today! They've played and played and giggled and giggled! I'm praying that they might just move a bit closer to Kentucky....especially if Kati is going to college up here :D (Hint Hint to Becky (my SIL :) Wish you could of come with them :( Next time!)

I just love this pic of Gigge and his girls!

This was the girls opening their goodies at Brian's g-parents house.

Brian's cousin made this quilt for his Papaw. It was really neat! He LOVES pictures! They added on a family room many years ago and he has nothing but pictures lining the walls. Next time I go up there I'll have to snap a pic of it. He managed the sports equipment at Berea College for many years and still stays in contact with many of the athletes.
Neat story - Brian and I were flying back from Panama this summer and was going through customs in Atlanta and when the clerk saw what city we were from and our last name he said, "You by chance wouldn't know an Elvin ___ would you?" And when we told him that was Brian's grandfather you should have seen his face! It was really neat and needless to say, we sailed right through the customs checkpoint!

They were also celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary!

Most of the crowd had already left at this point.

It was kind of late when we got to my Dad's house, but these four didn't care. When people always comment on how good and reserved our girls are - I'm going to show them this picture of the girls wrestling Chris to the ground and taking his Nerf gun away! Haha!

It was such a blessing to see most of our family for Christmas this year! Fun times!

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Jacquie said...

We go to my parents for New Year's tomorrow... then that's it for the holidays for another year. So sad!! I LOVE November/December!!!

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