Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action with a Birthday Party Thrown In!

I just love our town at Christmas time! There is a huge tree in the middle of the college square and the city always decorates it. The girls always get so excited the first time we see it lit up.

They also put lights on trees on the main street that goes beside the college. I'll never forget the first year they did this and how pretty they looked. Since then they've added snowflakes and other lights to the light poles all through town too!

Soooo......the girls Daddy got an early Christmas present this past week!
They were having a super great deal on these at Meijer AND we had a $30 off coupon! We all got a workout because of the motions you have to do while playing some of the games. Brian and I would take turns with the girls and we were out of breath more than once! He also got a football game and I've beaten him once and Anna has gotten him once :D Of course he was probably just showing us some mercy.

The girls loved it as you can see! They may or may not have a few other gifts to open up at Christmas. :)

The girls have been waiting for 2 years for this big event:
Chronicles of Narnia ~ Voyage of the Dawn Treader
We were going to go on Thursday night at midnight, but they had already sold out of tickets. So we went Friday night. This movie was absolutely wonderful! Anna has read the book and said that there were some differences, but it was pretty close. There was so many biblical themes all throughout that I am happy to report that Disney kept in the movie! Please go see it! We need to support the Narnia series or they won't make the next one!

Today was my niece's b-day party at Kid's Zone. Lauren's birthday is actually on Christmas day, but they decided to celebrate a little early.

Miss Katherine Reese was in attendance and wide eyed!

The girls enjoyed themselves.

And so did Uncle Mikey!
Hope you all have a blessed weekend! We are expected to get more snow tomorrow - YAY! I made Tortilla Soup tonight, so we are all set!

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