Monday, April 26, 2010

Prayer Request - UPDATED with a PRAISE!!!

UPDATE 4/26: Friday night my phone rang and it said, "GIGGE" and I thought it might have been Becky calling from his phone so when I answered it I heard a voice that I've been praying to hear for a long time!!! Last week they switched out his trach with a smaller one so that he could speak. His first words were, "Hey baby (what he always calls me because I'm the youngest of 5), how are you doing?" I screamed, "GIGGE!!" Then the tears started coming! It was SOOO good to hear him on the phone after not knowing whether or not he was even going to live 9 weeks before that. He said that he thanks God every day for saving his life and I was praising HIM right along with him!!! God is so good!

UPDATE 4/5: He was moved to the long term rehab hospital today!!! Praise the Lord!!!

UPDATE 3/29: Gigge has had a few rough days this week. He was greatly improving and was ready to be moved to a long term rehab facility last week, but then his right lung collapsed. They got it stable, but then right after he developed a lung infection. He had a really bad coughing spell Saturday night and his oxygen levels dropped and they even called Becky in. But since then he has been steady and has had been sedated again. Today Becky texted me and said that they were going to lift the sedation and change up some of his meds. Please continue to pray. It seems like he is making two steps forward and then one step back. But God is in control and His will is to be done. He will get the glory when Gigge is completely healed and even in these baby steps he keeps making now!

UPDATE 3/10: Garland is more awake today. He asked "what happened" last night. Becky also told him about Cori's game and he laughed and smiled-his eyes were closed. He also squeezed her hand. But, he is still not tolerating his feeding and she is going to ask the doctor today about that. They are going to transfer him to a rehab hospital at the end of this week or beginning of next. Praises and glory to God!

UPDATE 3/5: The Doctor siad that they are going to start "sedation holidays." This means that they turn the sedation off until he starts to wake then they'll put him back under and each time the will adjust/lower the amount of sedation.
UPDATE 3/4: They switched Garland to the regular vent on Thursday and it went well. His oxygen is now down to 50% oxygen being provided by the machine and is holding strong. Good progress!
Here are a couple of pics from Texas:
Kati, David, & Cori

Kati & Cori

UPDATE (2/28): Got home early this morning. Praise God for traveling grace this week! Gigge is still improving. They changed his ventilator after they put the trecheotomy in and he is continuing to improve slowly. This morning they have his oxygen level down to 70% and the x-rays yesterday showed that his lungs were clearing up.

Thank you all for your prayers this week! God is good and deserves all the glory!

UPDATE: My dad and the girls and I are now in Texas. Gigge has been taking small baby steps. His heart, kidney, and all major organs (except for his lungs) are all doing well. His lungs are still very critical, but today they have been able to lower his oxygen intake. He has ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and his recovery will take a long time. But now that he is taking small baby steps the doctor says that it is now day by day instead of hour by hour like it was two days ago. Please continue to pray that he will fight and remain strong. Gigge is not a quitter!!!
Praise and glory to God!!!

Please pray for Gigge (Garland), my brother that lives in Texas. He is in the ICU with pneumonia and the flu. He went to the ER yesterday and they put him straight in and also put in a breathing tube. He is very serious and we all would greatly appreciate the prayers for him.

I talked to my sis-in-law, Becky, this morning and she said that he was about the same and the good news is that he wasn't any worse.

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