Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Weird Randomness

Our car issues have been just wonderful this week :D Monday I had to have rotors and brake pads replaced on my van and then Tuesday Brian had scheduled to have his windshield replaced. It started as a small crack and then just kept cracking! But we are grateful it wasn't anything worse.
Ok, here is the weird part:
I wanted to take pictures of the guy switching out his windshield, but I didn't want to be seen. Haha! So I had to sneak and take pictures when the guys wasn't looking.

I started out with my regular lens and then realized I could get better detailed pics with my zoom lens. 8-)

I have always wanted to be a P.I.! Can you tell?!

On Sunday when I took a few (720) pictures of the girls for Easter I was also bribed hired to take some of these ladies too.
This would be Liberty and she belongs to Holly. She has a weak eye, but of course we overlook that.

And this is Jubilee, Anna's princess.

I have been working on a quilt for each of the dolls. I figured there wouldn't be so much pressure to perfect them if my first official quilts were for inanimate objects.

I got the girls started on embroidering some fabric that we will eventually make into pillows to go with the quilts. For the first day they have done pretty good. They even did the designs themselves.

Finally, is there a reason my 10 year old wanted this toddler juice bottle?
Of course there is ~ look who is on top! It's WOODY!!! Since around her second birthday she has always LOVED anything to do with Woody. Now that the third movie is coming out this summer she gets super excited with all of the "new" merchandise!
Doesn't even matter if it's for toddlers.

Speaking of toddlers. What I would give just to have one day with this toddler again!

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Lisa said...

Hi Jenn!

I LOVE your "about me" statement!

And would that be so cool if we could just randomly have our children back for one day at various stages? So much fun watching them grow, but there is a sense of loss, too.

Great photos!

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