Friday, April 9, 2010

A Cold Night Back in January.....

Every year Nina, Lis, and I try to get together on our birthdays and go out to eat. We always have a great time and usually end up laughing all night! With Nina serving as a missionary in South Asia for the past 2 years we were still able to hold our tradition up while she was home in Christmas 2008! They came home (for good?!) in December '09 to help take care of Greg's mom, who is battling cancer.
So this past January we were able to hold our tradition with our girls night.
We started out at the Olive Garden!
(Cell phone pics - please look over the quality :)

Pretty Nina!

Me with Lis! Can you tell they are sisters?! :D

It was freezing that night and the snow was glimmering like diamonds! So pretty!

Nina was trying to restock her shoe wardrobe. After living in 100 degree weather for the past 2 years she needed something besides flip flops!

While we did a little shopping we couldn't help but pick out some of our favorite cRaZy articles of clothing that we found! Check out the zippers on those leggings!

And how 'bout this snazzy jacket!

Of course, we always end our night with dessert! Starbucks was just calling our name.....or it could have been the gift card that Lis volunteered to use!

I love these chickies and look forward to our next girls night!

1 comment:

The Real Me! said...

This sounds like the kind of shopping days I have with my friends.
Looked like a fun time.

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