Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Easter Weekend

Our Good Friday started off great because of this sweet little girl:

We got to watch Miss Bella for a few hours that afternoon!

And of course I just had to take a few (hundred) pictures of her! :D

Our church has the most amazing Good Friday service!
It is such a blessing to be able to worship with other like minded believers!
I also love the fact that our youth pastor shared a mini-sermonette with the crowd that showed up for the egg hunt on Saturday afternoon! This year he used the Resurrection Eggs and did a tremendous job sharing about Jesus' abundant love and sacrifice for us!

When the girls were younger we bought them baskets that they'd be able to use year after year. I have previously bought candy and stuff to go in them for their Easter. But this year I didn't. It's bad enough that so much of CHRISTmas is on getting more and more presents and not on the True meaning. I feel like Easter shouldn't be taken over by the easter bunny. For everything God does the enemy always tries to counter with something carnal - Halloween, CHRISTmas, Easter, etc. - Evil, Santa, and the Easter Bunny. Not saying that celebrating those things are evil, but as long as we keep the right prospective and not turn it into a worship attitude toward them. We want our girls to know more than anything else that CHRISTmas is about Jesus, God's Begotten Son, being born into this world to take our punishment for our sins away and that Easter is about the Hope that we have in His Resurrection!

After our Sunday morning worship service we headed up to our local college campus and had a little photo session for the girl's Easter pictures. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we loved being outside most of the day!
There are various rocks from all around the world built into the chapel there on campus. This one was extra special to us! It is a rock from the Garden of Gethsemene in Israel.

While I was snapping away pictures of the girls they kept pointing behind me and saying, "SQUIRREL!" At first I thought they were joking and just wanting to take a break, but then I saw him/her. He/she kept trying to pass by us very suspiciously and was probably wishing we'd leave him to his dinner. Ha!
It was a glorious weekend as we celebrated the Hope that we can only find in Jesus!
I am so glad that I know Him and that He loves me so!

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Tania said...

What a great weekend. Your girls are beautiful.

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