Thursday, April 15, 2010

Show Us Your Life ~ Teacher's Gifts

This week for Kelly's SUYL the theme is Teacher's gifts. I am all for giving sweet gifts in appreciation for hard work.

But, since we began homeschooling in the Fall of 2008 we haven't bought any school teacher gifts, just for the girl's Sunday school teachers.

Unless you want to count the occasionally "treat" I might buy for myself...haha!

When my girls were in school I always liked to go in with other moms and buy a really nice gift card somewhere. Either a department store or a nice restaurant. If you can find something that she/he has as a hobby you could do a more specific gift card.

Then there is always the option of a gift card for a pedicure!!!

But if you want to do something a little more personal you could always have your children make something for their teachers. I teach a missions class at our church and this past Christmas I had a mom give me a potholder that her little boy had his handprint on. Only it was done professionally! It was very nice and a definite keepsake.

Here is a great website for crafty ideas:


Anonymous said...

Love the gift card idea!

Claire said...

Gift cards are always a treat!


Summer said...

That is awesome, I think something personal from the heart or a gift card is a fab idea! That is exactly some of the things I put on my post to LOL!

Your bloggy is super cute.....I'm your newest follower can't wait to read more

Summer :0)

Beth McC. said...

As a previous teacher you could never go wrong with a giftcard!! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is precious!!

Happy Friday!

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