Friday, February 25, 2011

#56 - Day One of Birthday Festivities

Holly's birthday is on Monday and instead of having a party she has chosen to just do a simple cake/ice cream at home and have Sissy over for a sleepover. Then we're gonna do something special tomorrow!

When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, any kind of cake, guess what she said?
"I want you to make my cake mommy with your homemade icing."
Awww, so sweet.
But before you think I'm a great cake baker please let me present Exhibit A:
Haha! (at least it tasted good:)

She wanted to decorate it so I gave her the thingy and said - go to town baby girl!

The HbH stands for Happy Birthday Holly :)

Can't believe she is 9 years old. When I was looking for candles I found 7 and thought to myself, I just need 1 more. Then Holly found this one and said - here is a number 9!!! I said, but you're just 8 :(

The birthday girl with her bestest friends!

It only took her three tries to blow out all of those candles.

Sissy got her the awesome bike and one of the Liv girls and we went ahead and gave her one of her presents tonight - another Liv girl. Tomorrow she gets to pick out a few more.

We are blessed with a beautiful, spunky, witty, & hilarious princess and we love her so much!

"Don't follow what's with you, follow What is in you!" ~ Holly


Tania said...

Happy Birthday Holly! Those homemade cakes are some of the best ones. My daughter has a couple of the Liv dolls and she loves them. Jenn, you have some beautiful girls.

Jacquie said...

How sad that you thought she was a YEAR younger. Haha!!

Happy Birthday, Holly...

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