Friday, February 18, 2011

#49 - Treasures

I've been going through pictures and scanning ones that Nina gave me for a picture video for Donna's visitation. While going through some of our old pics I came across a few that I thought I'd share today.

This one of Holly was taken around September 2007 when she was 5 years old. Not the best centered picture, but it totally captures her personality! She is so stinking cute in this pic, I could just kiss her face off!

I found this one of Anna with a serious face that I've always loved! Her eyes one just get to me. If I just had one day to go back when they were this size. So precious.

This one was in Nina's pictures. That is her oldest Logan sitting in her father-in-law's lap and Brian is entertaining him! Then it hit me that this picture is 14 years old! Yikes!

We must make each day count because they sure do pass so very quickly!

I just finished "My Mother's Hope" by Francine Rivers and this quote was in the last section and it just spoke so much to my heart:
"Sometimes fear has to be set aside so we can share the past hurts that have shaped our lives, so we can dwell in freedom with one another."

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Jacquie said...

I tell Dave all the time, "I wish I could go back for just one day." I sometimes look at my life with my kids like reading a good book... it almost seems like something I read rather than lived because of the time that has past. It's not really sad, because it was like a really good book. You'll have to tell me if that's how you feel someday when your girls are moving out on their own.

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