Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#284 - Queenie

Our neighbor's dog, Queenie, has almost become our dog. :) She stays at our house more than she does anywhere else. Most of the time that is okay with us, but when she barks beside our bedroom window at 3:00 a.m. she is welcome to go back home. :)
I was searching for a picture earlier and found this one that I took of Queenie a few years ago :

She really is a sweet and very smart dog.
Sunday when the girls and I were having our photoshoot, she just couldn't stay away! I don't think she could believe that we'd be outside and not paying her any attention. The nerve we had. :) I finally just started snapping away with her in some of them.

Psalm 148:1
"Praise the LORD!
Praise the LORD from the heavens;
Praise Him in the heights!"

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