Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#273 - #277 - Courageous, Burning Bush, & Revival!

I've gotten a little behind with my daily posts. :) We've had a busy weekend and week!
Our revival at church started Sunday and it is going wonderful! Bro. Bill Stafford is the evangelist for 4 days of it. Neat fact about him - he was the older neighbor to Kirk Cameron in the movie Fireproof.

Here is a recap of our past few days:

We've had a small mice issue. We've set traps, sticky pads, etc. This one under this plastic ice cream container chewed it's way off of the sticky pad. Long story short - it didn't make it. Not that I was trying to save it's life. I know that we are suppose to love all of God's creatures, and I do, but the ones that carry disease and invade my kitchen I'm going to claim dominion over!

Last Saturday we met another couple from our church at the movies in Lexington to watch Courageous. It was a REALLY good movie! It is a life changing movie and every parent needs to watch it! We love all of the movies that the Kendrick brothers have written and made. So very excited about the lives that this movie in particular will effect. May God have all of the glory! After the movie we ate at Raising Cane's and did a little bit of shopping. Sunday is when our revival started. After lunch and a trip to check on the trail cam (no pictures of deer:( we went to Brian's granny's house. He did a few errands for her and the girls played with her kitties. This is Oliver after waking up from his nap. Brian's papaw is still having therapy at a local nursing home and is doing really good. He'll be home soon, hopefully. Anna is painting a picture of him and as soon as she is done I'll scan it in and share!
Monday the girls and I didn't go to co-op. Brian was off work and we stayed around the house and enjoyed the beautiful weather!
Brian cleaned up the some tree limbs and burnt some brush at the very back of our yard.
I took this panorama shot of the back of our lot.

We are really excited about how our revival is going so far and we pray that the rest of this week will truly begin revival in our church and community!
2 Corinthians 3:5
"Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God,"

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