Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#250 - Adoniram and Ann Judson

We are using My Father's World curriculum this year and we have a book that we're studying called, Hero Tales. I have also used it for the missions class that I teach on Wednesday nights. Tonight's lesson was going to be about the first American foreign missionaries, Adoniram and Ann Judson. It was a couple from Massachusetts that set out originally for India, but by God's providence ended up in Burma (now known as Myanmar.)
Then I remembered something familiar about their story.

When we went on the first trip to Plymouth, MA in 2009 we visited Burial Hill where many of the Pilgrims were buried. While there Joel told us about a memorial that belonged to the first American foreign missionary in the early 19th century.

I went hunting a picture that I had taken while we were there and sure enough. We had been to Andoniram's memorial. He had passed away while sailing back to America and they had buried him at sea. Ann had passed away while they were still in Burma.

But the story gets even better! When my older sister was ready to graduate high school my family visited a college in Alabama and guess what the name was.......Judson College! She didn't end up going there though. :( But the college was named after Adoniram's wife, Ann. Judson University in Illinois is named after him. Isn't that neat! We will definitely be doing some more research about this couple that did so much for missions work such a long time ago!
Very inspiring!

His memoir:

"The prospects are bright as the promises of God."
~Adoniram Judson

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Lady B said...

Oh, how neat! I so want to go see all of that one of these days.

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