Thursday, September 1, 2011

#244 - Tree of Life Homeschool

This is our 4th year homeschooling and we have decided to come up with a logo for our school. We named our homeschool, Tree of Life, when we first started back in 2008 and have thought several different times about designing a logo. After our field trip the other day Brian suggested that we get t-shirts made. So this afternoon we all drew our designs on the board and now we just need to get one finalized and have some made up!

In case your wondering about who designed which one, clockwise is: Mine at the top, Brian's, Holly's ("Tree of Life" is on a banner being pulled by a flying bird beside the tree:), and Anna's. Anna also drew the tree in the very middle just for another example. Can you tell who the artists are in the family?!
We like different elements of all of the designs, but we all agree that we like the tree from the cover of Pride & Prejudice:

Only maybe with some roots showing on the bottom; signifying our roots are going to be firmly planted in the Word of God!

I also wanted to add that along with our renewed car tags last month we also got a new license plate!

Psalm 62:8
"Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us. Selah"

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