Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick Update from Panama!

We arrived safely in Panama on Wednesday! Our plane was delayed on Tuesday, so we stayed in Lexington at the Hyatt (thank you Delta Airlines :) and then we flew out on Wednesday around noon to Atlanta and then on to Panama City, Panama. I'll do more posts after we get home, but we are absolutely blessed by the work that God is doing here in Panama! We have been very busy with all kinds of ministering, from prayer walking, door to door evangelism, and children's actvities. So far four have given their hearts to Christ!!!!
We have met some very precious people that will forever change our lives and are now considered family! So here are a few pictures until we get home and are able to share more! Buenos dias!

Panama countryside - very beautiful!
A lady that is part of a tribe that we were able to minister to the first day in Panama.

One of the children from the tribe. These children were so precious and loved having their pictures made!

Our team with Pastor Ricardo and his family.
We are looking forward to the rest of our trip!

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Tania said...

Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

Praise God for the ones who have given their hearts to Christ.

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