Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Panama Day 5

Saturday, July 3rd was our day 5 in Panama. After getting up fairly early to eat breakfast at the hotel we went back to Pastor Ricardo's neighborhood to do door to door evangelism again. We had some really good visits and were able to share the Gospel again!

After sharing with this one lady outside of her home, she just looked at me and said "thank you" and right at that moment I knew why I was on this trip! It wasn't about me or anything I have ever done, but it was completely about God's love for us and His desire to have a relationship with us. It was an amazing feeling to know that HE is the one in control, we just need to be willing vessels to be obedient and go be used for His glory!

Here are a few more pictures of downtown David.
Fresh fruit!

My pharmacy! Ha!

Here is a better picture of one of the houses in the community. They were block houses with stucko that has been painted.
Pastor Ricardo's neighbor had a parrot on the outside washing sink.

After doing the door to door visitation we had a break for lunch and a small afternoon break. Then we headed back to Pastor Ricardo's house for some children's activities. This included crafts, sharing, and a movie! The older youth played a game of football (soccer) up the road on an empty lot. Brian went with the youth to play soccer!
Here are a few pictures from Bethany:

There was a little puppy at Ricardo's house and everyone fell in love with her! Her name was Bella. This is Keith holding her.

The group of kiddo's that came to join us! We had invited them during the visitation earlier and then we got to invite them again for Sunday school. Which most of them showed up for the next morning!

This is the beautiful Rosa, Pastor Ricardo's wife. She has such a heart for the Lord and shares her husband's vision to share Jesus with their community!

Working on their coloring sheets and crafts.

Cheryl sharing the evangicube with a young man.

Movie time! They showed Max Lucado's Hermie movies in Spanish. The kids LOVED it!!!

Here is the group after they got finished playing soccer.

Bro. Larry David was sharing a devotion with them.

This little ugly fruit is called mamon chino! It originated in South Asia and they sell them on the sides of the road in Panama. You peel back the outer shell and then eat the inside fruit. It is comparable to a grape, but it has a seed in the middle. They're pretty tasty.

Our group heading back to Ricardo's after the soccer game. The colors in the sunset that night were gorgeous!

Here is another shot of the youngsters while they were watching the movie.

Mi marido guapo! (My handsome husband!)

Team Panama!

After the movie they had a time of singing and praises!

Arnold played the guitar while the ladies on the left sang "Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord" in English while the ladies on the right sang it in Spanish! It was a beautiful sound!

After a super blessed day we had some super yummy......Pizza Hut pizza! :P

Stay tuned for Day 6!

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