Monday, July 19, 2010

Panama Day 4

Day 4 in Panama would have been Friday, July 2nd. I don't have a lot of pictures for this day because I only got pictures after we did our mission work. :) We started out early with breakfast and then headed to Pastor Ricardo's neighborhood, where we broke off into teams and did prayerwalking. This is the first time I have really ever done prayerwalking in this fashion. It was to put it mildly - amazing! We separated into teams and one of our team members went a little ahead saying praises to God while the other two prayed. Brian and I were teamed up with Glenna, a missionary. She and her husband Keith were who Brian and I rode with during most of our trip. They were wonderful and we just loved being with them! We were assigned a street to prayerwalk and to stop when we felt led to stop and pray. We did no fellowshipping during this time and no visitation. It was all about spending some quiet time with God and covering that neighborhood in prayer. After a few hours of prayerwalking we headed back to town to eat. We stopped at a little outside restaurant called Santana's that is owned by a Christian lady. It was delicious food and I totally forgot to get my camera out to get a picture of my lunch. (But I took one the next time we ate there!) We then headed back to our hotel for just a small break.

During our break Kenny, our missionary team leader, took about 5 or 6 of us around the corner so we could get an ice cream!

Here is the picture of the inside of the ice cream parlor. We had some sort of mixed fruit ice cream that was fresh and delicious! And it only cost $.80!

These are just some downtown pictures of David that I snapped in the van on the way back to Pastor Ricardo's neighborhood. We were headed back out for the second part of our day!

Just to get an idea of how the neighborhood looked, here are a couple of pics.

We were paired up again with a missionary that could translate and headed out to do door to door evangelism. Brian and I were paired up with Kenny M. and Esteban (a new Christian that attends house church at Pastor Ricardo's). I have to insert a major praise here! When we got back that afternoon after our little break the sky off in the distance was black and very gloomy. Then the wind started blowing and we just knew that it was gonna storm on us! But the closer the dark clouds got it appeared like they just were completely diverted around where we were at and then cool breezes started to blow! It was truly a blessing! We were spared the storms, but benefited with the nice breezy air! Brian and I both got to share our personal testimonies and share how God loves us and wants a personal relationship with us through His Son Jesus who was absolutely perfect and died to cover our sins! It was a bit scary at first and majorly put me out of my comfort zone, but then it was like I could feel the Holy Spirit guiding me to say what I needed to say. I felt like seeds were definitely planted and we just pray that God gives the increase!
Here is our youth pastor Bro. Larry playing with the neighbor kids after we got finished.

That night we invited Pastor Ricardo's family and Esteban with us to eat at the hotel restaurant. This is his son Arnold in a friendly arm wrestling match with Brian.
Do you want to guess who won? :)

This is what Brian and I both ate that night. Arroz y CamarĂ³n (Rice and Shrimp). It was a HUGE helping and very tasty!!!

Brian and I also shared a side order of Patacones!

This is Pastor Ricardo (red shirt) with his family and Esteban (tallest one in the back). Very precious brothers and sisters in Christ!

Our entire mission team!

Brian and Esteban became amigos muy bueno! (Very good friends!)

This is Jeremy, Pastor Ricardo's son. He became my little amigo! While we were in the village the day before he helped me with a bunch of translated words! He was so sweet and very respectful!

Stay tuned for day 5!!!

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