Friday, January 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Shopping

This week Kelly's Korner is hosting her SUYL on our favorite shopping spots. I wanted to share one of my favorite businesses/websites.

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We discovered Vision Forum last year and now absolutely LOVE to buy things from their online store. They sell books, dvds, toys, etc. that are enriching, encouraging, and especially CHRIST centered!

The girls got their Jubilee and Liberty dolls for CHRISTmas and have enjoyed them so much!

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We also ordered these books ~ The New-England Primer and The Blue Back Speller for our homeschool library. Most, if not all of our Founding Fathers were taught how to read and write using these books.

With being a homeschooling family our other favorite place to shop would be Hobby Lobby! I fell in love with HL while visiting my sister in Arkansas years ago. I have patiently waited for their stores to come east to Kentucky and about 2 years ago we finally got one!

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Thanks for stopping by and many blessings to you!!!

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Miss Naomi said...

Yay, Vision Forum! That is our family's favorite catalog every year. It's a shame it only comes once. Do you listen to the music in Hobby Lobby? It's always so beautiful. I have to agree with you on two excellent places to shop. :)

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