Monday, January 11, 2010

Daniel Boone Tour Part II - Fort Boonesborough - Boone's Station

We went on the second part of our Daniel Boone tour with Don Pinson from Heritage Ministries of Kentucky at the end of August. We began our day at the original site of the Boonesborough fort that is down by the Ky River.

Don recaping with the map the route that Daniel Boone used at Cumberland Gap to come into Kentucky (or Kentucke as Mr. Boone would have pronounced it!)

Don telling us a story how the residents of the fort was under seige by the Shawnee Indians for 12 days. How God's Providence prevented the fort from being overtaken. At one point the Shawnee's had shot flaming hickory wood and the fort had caught on fire then God sent rain to extinguish the flames.

While we were on our tour Rand Paul (currently running for US Senate) was speaking at a gathering at the park. We took 30 minutes out of our tour to listen to his speech. We were also able to speak with him beforehand.

We then proceeded to the fort that they built in the 1970's as a replica of the original fort that was by the river.

The entrance to the fort.

The girls and Christis in one of the cabins.

Gospel of John!

He was doing the laundry :)

She was showing us how the salty dog worked. You stick it into a piece meat and pull out a portion to cook in stews or soups. It was a way to control portions and let their meat last longer.

The girls liked grinding the corn.

The carpenter showing the kids how the plumb bob works. It is a level.

The back of the fort.

The gunsmith shop.

Anna and I loved the pottery cabin, but there wasn't anyone there that day :(

This is Scott New that portrays Daniel Boone. He does a wonderful job of showing the way Daniel Boone really lived. He has done his research of primary source documents to know the true history. If you ever get a chance to listen to him do a portrayal go and learn all that you can!

Scott New also lives in our hometown and seeing him in Wal-Mart in his regular clothes is a little odd! I want to go up to him and say, "Hello, Mr. Boone!" :)

Next we went to Boone's Station. This is one of the locations where Daniel Boone and his family lived in Kentucky before they moved to Missouri.

The girls were able to see the same spring where the Boone family got their water!

We truly enjoyed these tours and learned so much about the life of Daniel Boone.

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