Thursday, January 7, 2010

Resolutions ~ 2010

This week at Kelly's Korner she has asked us for our resolutions for 2010. With our homeschool we do word studies and so I looked up the word resolution in the Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary and here is the definition that fits our topic this week:

RESOLUTION, noun - Fixed purpose or determination of mind; as a resolution to reform our lives; a resolution to undertake an expedition.

Every year my resolutions are strong at the beginning, but seem to dwindle as the new days of the year turn to the same old typical days of the year.

But I resolve that this year will be different! I have gotten off to a pretty good far.

When I read that definition ~ "fixed purpose or determination of mind" I realize that in order to truly change my thoughts or habits that I can't do it alone. This sinful flesh will NOT allow me to do it by myself. I must submit and release these selfish desires and habits to the One I lean upon daily for strength. Without God's strength in helping us to persevere it is just not gonna happen.

Okay now on to my resolutions:
Be a more organized person.
Here is a pic of our homeschool classroom after Christmas and it can get very cluttered.
I resolve to keep it organized better so that we can learn in a clean and tidy environment!
Not just the classroom, my house in general too!

Be a better homeschooling mother.
We began homeschooling our daughters Sept. 2008 and I have a tendancy to lack in certain areas in our school. I resolve to once again get my focus on what it should be.

Eat healthier and exercise more! (typical I know)

I must stop eating things like this sopapilla cheesecake and the 1 minute brownie!

We became members at our local college's gymnasium center this week and so far I have been twice and walked 3 miles each time at their indoor track! They also have a cardio and weight room, an indoor pool, and raquetball courts. This is a great thing for our family and we can count it as P.E. class for school!

#4 and Most Important!
Read and study my Bible more!
I have gotten out of the habit of personal daily reading time and I resolve to make it the first thing I do in the morning.

I resolve to "reform my life" in the obedience of Christ!

"I am God’s property created in
His image for His glory and
have a responsibility to steward
all He has given me for my place in history."
Rosalie Slater


The Real Me! said...

I could have basically copy and pasted this for my resolutions except I already cleaned the homeschool/ office! LOL.
I hope you are able to keep on track with your goals my friend.

capperson said...

Love your resolutions, expecially the reading the bible and eating healthier one :)

Lena Medina said...

Wonderful goals! I too need to read my bible more! May God bless you abundantly in 2010!

Claire said...

Oh best of luck! I am doing one of those 'Bible In A Year' courses this year. It is such a blessing to me!


Rae said...

just wanted to say hi to another mom of 2 girls who also just started homeschooling!

Renee said...

I love what you said about Obedience. Great post!

♥ sarahbeth. said...

great resolutions! good luck with everything! xoxo

Mama Llama said...

hopped over from Kelly's Korner! Love the resolutions. and I love your bridge diagram widget! Where did you get that! Hope ove over to see us at Little Llamas!

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