Thursday, December 29, 2011

#358-364 - Christmas 2011

Our Christmas celebrations started on Christmas Eve at my Dad's house. We all decided that instead of exchanging gifts for the kiddos that we'd just make an ornament/craft. We did it last year and the kids really enjoyed their time doing this. So that is what Anna was prepping in my last post. :)
Celebrating what this season is really all about! Jesus was sent so that we may live!!!!
The girls at Dad's working on their stuff! Love that even after these cousins don't see each other for a little while that they just pick right back up where they leave off. So sweet!

This was Christmas morning. Please notice all of our grandchildren and their gifts sitting in front of them. :) From left to right we have: Jubilee (non-visible sitting on the other side of Anna), Elizabeth (propped up by the trusty snowman:), Anna, Holly, John John (in blue), Sarah (with pink hat), and Liberty (in white pj's:)! The girls made their gifts.:)
The one and only thing the girls really truly cared about and asked for was an iPod Touch. We got them a few other smaller things too. Wow - the older they get the smaller and more expensive the packages get!
Holly LOVES nutcrackers and has always wanted a bigger female one. We surprised her with one this year! Her name was Clara Chubby Nutcracker - how sad. So Holly renamed her, Cathy.
And Miss Jubilee finally got the glasses she has been needing! :D
The girls took us by complete surprise and gave us these sock love monkeys! They asked about 2 months ago if they could go into the dollar general store without me. So for the first time ever :) I parked the van up by the door and let them go in by themselves. Little did I know that they would be working hard on these little monkeys for us! They even put velcro on their hands so they would be able to hold hands. This was truly the best gift ever!!!!
We went to our Christmas service at church that morning and then afterwards went to Pam's for Christmas at her house.
Nana and her grandgirls!
Bella LOVES the girls and is always fascinated by everything they do!
They wanted me to get a few pictures of her in a new outfit, but she was not having it. I got a few cute ones and I liked this one the best. It's like she is peeking around the tree to see if she had any more presents!
Brian's grandparents Christmas was on Monday night.
We stopped by their house on Christmas Eve to take their presents early since we were having Christmas at another location. So we snapped our annual picture of Ginny and Papaw with the girls.
We love them so much!
I pray that everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus and all the wonder that comes with Christmas!
I'll try to do an annual recap to round out my Project 365 this weekend if our computer will let me:) I've gotten behind this past 100 days or so, but I'm really glad I did this. And now that I can blog on my phone I'll continue to blog more. Probably not the P365, but more than before. :o)

James 1:17
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."

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Trent, Vicki & Aidan said...

I love the sock monkey the girls made you guys! So cute and unique! Glad you all had a great Christmas hope to see you all soon!

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