Monday, December 19, 2011

#340 - #353 - December's Super Blog Post

Okay, I've finally got a minute to get a post together!!! This month has been super busy and honestly I've just had many other things to get accomplished before the blog got any attention. :)
But I thought I'd do a recap post of our far! Hang in there with me!
Our homeschool co-op had it's Christmas party and had lots of fun for the kiddos. Inflatables and snacks, along with making Christmas cards for some soldiers away from home. If you'll remember my post about Nina and I making those corn starch ornaments, we had a get together with them and Stacey, Jason, and the kiddos! Stacey made this ^^^ Christmas Crack and let me just say it was fabulous!!! She got the recipe off of Pinterest and they definitely gave it the right name. :P
Nina with Carson, Canaan, & Sissy decorating their ornaments.
Miss Kensey with the girls!
One Saturday that we actually had nothing planned we put out some decorations!
Then we went driving around looking at other lights and decorations......
And Holly fell asleep! Check out her sweet little nose. :o)
Brian dug a fire pit in our back yard. We're ready for some bon fires now!
We got to keep Bella one night. Or I should say Anna and Holly kept Bella. :) She slept with them in their room.
She had the cutest glow in the dark pj's on!
Holly was playing on my phone and Bella just walked up to her and started giving big time hugs and love!
Our Christmas play was last night at church. The girls have been practicing so hard on their lines and they both did a great job!!! We have a lady in our church that writes and directs the plays and in my opinion this year was one of the best ones!Holly portrayed the Holy Spirit and did a fantastic job on her lines and acting! We're gonna have to find some plays for these girlies to audition for. :)
Pa and his grand-girls!
Nana and her baby girls!
It's been a super blessed month and we are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior next weekend. I'll try to do another post with some iPhone pics tomorrow or Wednesday.
Psalm 21:2-4
"You have granted him his heart’s desire
and have not withheld the request of his lips.
You came to greet him with rich blessings
and placed a crown of pure gold on his head.
He asked you for life, and you gave it to him—
length of days, for ever and ever."

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