Saturday, May 28, 2011

#148 - My Job is Secure

Remember a little over a month ago when the girls did some testing with our homeschool co-op group?!
Well, the results came in the mail today and I am happy to report that they did good!!!
Anna scored at or above her grade level on everything and even got an equivalency of a junior in high school on her social science (social studies :) So all of those field trips and political rallies are paying off! Ha! The funny part is that Anna scored proficient in the "listening" category and that was the ONLY category that Holly was average on...hehe! She was proficient in all of her subjects and most of her grade levels were at least 5th grade (she is finishing up 3rd grade.)
We are very proud of our young ladies!
If you are even considering homeschooling, please let me encourage you to do so!!! Trust me, if I can do this and after three years of doing it, get good test grades, then you can too! Not that we judge what we school on the "national average" but it is nice to know that our girls are up to and exceding par on all of their subjects. And that I'm hired back for at least another year! :D

"Your children are not your hobby; they are your calling."

~Max Lucado


JDS said...

Good work! You seem to be "bringing them up" good and that is important for the future of our country.

Jacquie said...

This post blessed my heart! I know you are so proud of them and knowing that you are impacting your sweet girls in such a way must be SO rewarding!! You will have no regrets.

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