Thursday, May 19, 2011

#138 - Arrgghh, The Pirate Family

On Mother's Day, last Sunday night after church our family decided that it was time to partake in some Long John Silvers. We all had a hankerin' for it. Now mind you, it had been over 2 years since we've dined at this particular restaurant. Due to some personal reasons (it almost kills us when we eat there!) we always opt out of going there for our meals. But this night - for the Mother's Day finale - we decided it was time to try our hand at the 'ol LJS! Plus, I had some awesome coupons :D

Anna went inside with me to order our food and I had her run a couple of hats for her and Holly and some of our food order out to the car while I waited on some more food. When she came back in I noticed her go over and get 2 more hats and I kind of giggled because I knew Brian was up to something.
Sure enough when we made it back out to the van, it was full of pirates! Brian made me put my hat on and then we preceded to drive through our town donning our LJS pirate hats! We figured if the food was gonna kill us after we ate it - then we'd go out with a bang! Haha!

I am happy to say that the food settled just fine that night and we survived the breaded fish, and the hushpuppies, and the cole slaw, and the crunchies - which I could almost eat for a meal by themselves! After our more positive venture to LJS - I am thinking we might not wait 2 years to go back. :0)

Psalm 104:26-28
"There the ships sail about;
There is that Leviathan
Which You have made to play there.
These all wait for You,
That You may give them their food in due season.
What You give them they gather in;
You open Your hand, they are filled with good."

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