Thursday, May 26, 2011

#146 - God of Wonders

With all of the recent severe weather we feel very grateful and blessed to have missed the worst of things. The clouds the last few days have just been amazing! Anna took this picture tonight.

In totally unrelated news - this newest addition is about to be added to our town!!!

Yay!!! You know you're a country girl when you get excited over a Tractor Supply store opening up! :) Or would that be a redneck?!! Hehe!

Job 37:14
“Listen to this, Job;
stop and consider God’s wonders."


Lady B said...

I have always enjoyed Tractor Supply. It just smells and feels so country and country is in my blood!

Jacquie said...

We got an Orscheln's in our little town! Big news for us, too.

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