Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Recap

It seems like our entire summer has just flown by! Everything before our trip to Panama was all about the trip and now that it is finished it seems like our summer is about over. We'll start school in a few more weeks and I've got lots to do before then to get ready. I wanted to give a little summer recap before I forget to! :)

Holly played softball this spring/summer and she finished up toward the middle of June. I just love to watch this age play, so exciting!

We watched Miss Bella (our great-niece) the weekend before we left for Panama and then didn't see her for about 2 weeks. We went to see her when we got back home she didn't know who we were. It broke our hearts, but she is finally starting to get used to us again. I can't believe she is already 5 months old!

When we were on our trip we ate lots of these - hojaldres! Then we found mixes at the Super 99 store at the mall before we left. I tried my hand at making them.

They were definitely not comparable to the ones at the Santana restaurant, but they did have a good taste! But any type of fried dough, in my opinion, is gonna be good! :P

We also did a little field trip study with the girls a few weeks ago! The Mary Todd Lincoln house where she grew up is in Lexington and I had never been before. She was a different character in all that I have read and they did a very good job giving the good and the bad aspects of her life during the tour.

They didn't allow photography inside, but there was plenty of gorgeous furniture and trinkets that have been given to the house from her family.

The back side of the house with the flower and herb garden.
Anna also went to camp for the first time ever this summer. She has been so anxious to go!
She packed most of this all by herself. She is miss organization and had been preparing her stuff months ago!
Here is our little camper when we went to pick her up! She had a blast and can't wait until next year!

While she was gone Holly and I had a little date/shopping trip! We were both lost without our Anna though! But it was fun and we enjoyed our one on one time.
We discovered Culver's a couple of months ago and now we are in love! :) Holly and I grabbed a burger on our way home that night!
Hope the rest of your summer is just wonderful!
Brian and I will be celebrating our 14th Anniversary next week!!!! Can't wait for a date night! :)

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