Sunday, August 29, 2010

Battle of Richmond Civil War Re-enactment

The BORA (Battle of Richmond Association) is holding the Battle of Richmond re-enactment this weekend and we were able to go on Saturday this time! Usually we go after church on Sunday and we always feel rushed. But today we got there fairly early and stayed most of the day. It was fun! Sorry for the picture overload, but it's part of our homeschool field trip studies too!

The girls wanted to wear their pioneer outfits!

The Union camp.

This little girl was adorable!

They used the house as a hospital during the actual battle in 1862.

The saying, "Sleep tight!" actually came from rope beds. Every few days the ropes would have to be tightened so they wouldn't sag.

I told this sweet lady, "If only the real Mary Todd Lincoln would have been as pretty as you!"

The Rose Barn Theater Company held short mini plays all day.

This is Jedidiah, our former pastor's son. He carried the flag for the Union army during the battle.

We had some flatbreads and they were yummy! It reminded us of the hojaldres in Panama. This one had apples in the middle.

This one was a Navajo Taco Flatbread! Yummy!

Let the battle begin!

The canon fire!

The Confederates won this battle.
This little boy was carrying the flag for the Confederates. It was so sad to think that young boys this age probably really did carry flags or play the marching drums.

I might like the Pioneer Woman's Photoshop Actions just a little too much! :D

I think I took about 50 pics of this little guy!

The Confederate camp.

We decided to walk through the Confederate camp on the way to the Jeep.
(The girls had decided half way through the day to change clothes after getting too hot!)

This picture is from last year. They were a little closer to the crowd then.

We just love watching this battle re-enactment each year. It makes us truly appreciate our American history!

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Jacquie said...

Oh my goodness... spending a day that like would be RIGHT up my alley!!!

PS - We are naturally curly hair sisters!! I have tried TONS of hair products over the years... and couldn't live without at least gel. Ha!

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