Friday, February 12, 2010

♥ My Sweetheart ♥

On January 29th this year Brian and I have been together for 16 years and on August 10th we'll be married for 14! Our first date was at a restaurant in Lexington called Daryl's and then to bowl with our best friends and we have been together ever since!

Here are a few pictures from our first Sweetheart Dances from high school:

February 1994
February 1995

His graduation ~ June 1994
My graduation ~ June 1995
Usually every Valentine's Day we go to our church's couples dinner, but this year Brian had to work on that night. So tonight we are going on a date! We are looking so forward to going out. Together. Alone! We have always been so protective of who keeps our girls, but we need to be better about having our alone time also. We have alone time, but usually it is watching a movie downstairs while the girls watch one upstairs.

There is no one else on this entire earth that I'd rather be spending my life with and I praise God that He placed Brian and I together when He did. We were both going through some rough times in our families and we helped each other through so much! Brian got saved June 1994 on my couch after church one Sunday afternoon and for that I will be eternally grateful. He has been such a wonderful husband, father, provider, protector, and spiritual leader of our household. I love him more than words could ever say!

♥Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!!!♥


Amber said...

I love your pictures from high school! Especially the fact that your hubby had a mustache :)

Enjoy your date!!!

Jessica said...

You sound so in love and so happy - congratulations on such a healthy marriage and family! And, Happy Valentine's! Have fun tonight!

Summer said...

Hey over from Kelly's! Love your post! I like how ya showed all your pics from HS!!

Have fun on your date! I am the same way I am sooo picky who watches Kelcee....actually no-one has accept family....that is how picky I am LOL

Have a happy v-day and Happy friday
Summer :0)

Susan said...

Enjoyed this so much.

I pray for many, many more Valentine's together!!

♥Happy Valentine's Day♥

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your pictures.....Enjoyed my visit to your blog tonight while doing a little blog hopping. Hope you will stop by mine. This is my ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary and prizes everyday....


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