Thursday, February 18, 2010

Date Night :)

Brian and I got to finally go on a date last Friday night! We had tons of fun :D
(Pardon the quality of the pics ~ I used my phone)
First stop - We ran by Sears and picked up Brian's tools for his work.
Happy Man

The sunset that night was so pretty!

Next stop: Red Lobster!!!
Happy Lady!

They were out of our favorite - Artichoke Lobster Dip, so we got the Lobster Nachos. And I think we might just have a new favorite! :P

Wiped out!

This is the way my dinner came to the table.
It wasn't presented very pretty, but it was very yummy!

(This was after we filled two to-go boxes....of course.)

There wasn't anything we wanted to see that was playing at the movies, so we just decided to swing by Redbox on the way home.

Of course I had to sneak in just a few more pics when we got home.

We had a great time and I love that after being together for 16 years we can still be silly and have fun!


Lisa said...

I would love to try lobster, but living in the back of beyond (the uk) there are nowhere near the amount of nice eateries like there seem to be in the states. And if there are the prices are extortionate!!!

It would probably be cheaper to fly over, eat and fly back again!!!

Looks like you had a lovely time.

Tania said...

Isn't it so nice to have a "date night" with your husband? I always enjoy those special times with my husband. Hope you have many more.

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