Thursday, December 3, 2009

Show Us Your Life ~ Christmas Tree

We usually put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Every year I dread pulling all of the stuff out (who doesn't?), but once it is up and finished I LOVE it!

We got this tree in 2001 (the year I was 7 months pregnant with Holly) and I still love it! Sometimes I complain about the 100 layers I have to endure, but it is worth it :D And now that the girls are old enough to help, they did most of the work this year! Nice.

It is definitely a country tree!

I do have some pearl and lime green ball ornaments to dress it up a bit. But stopped using them because I LOVE the mixture and the memories of all of the different hodge podge of ornaments!

Here are some of my favorite ornaments:

I got this one several years ago from an artisan here in town. I love the wooden silhouettes.

Anna's Baby's First Christmas. I heart Precious Moments!

Holly's Baby's First Christmas

Brian and I have had this one since before we got married in 1996.

My best friend made this one a few years ago.
(Please say a prayer for her?! She and her family have been serving in South Asia as missionaries for the past 2 years and are coming home in about 2 weeks. Her MIL has cancer and they are coming home to be with her.)

These are painted gourd ornaments that the girls got for Christmas one year. Their names are painted on the back.

My country cow!
We made this crazy looking ornament a few years ago.
It is a styrofoam ball stuck with tons of toothpicks and then spray painted silver!

I love ornament exchange games, because you always walk away with some very interesting items! Example: The above ornament! I love it!

Hope everyone has a blessed and very merry Christmas!
Can't wait to see everybody's CHRISTmas trees!


Amanda said...

love your tree! it looks so pretty lit up!

Khordaddy said...

That's a gorgeous tree! I love all the ornaments, too. We love our precious moments ornaments as well.

♥ sarahbeth. said...

your blog is so cute and i love that country tree. it looks so "homey" xoxo

Stacey said...

Pretty tree! I love the precious moments ornaments.

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Love the ornaments!

I'm pregnant with a little girl who is due to arrive in less than 6 weeks {around the second week of Jan}; we look forward to welcoming her into the world and celebrating the beauty of Christmas with her next year!!

Summer said...

What a beautiful tree!!
Summer :0)

Hopeful Housewife said...

Love the tree especially the toothpick one....what a neat idea!

Kristi said...

Beautiful! We have special ornaments too with great stories and memories. Christmas blessings to you!

The Real Me! said...

Your tree is beautiful!! I love the ornaments. My tree is eclectic. I love a mish mash of stuff.

Kathryn said...

I absolutely love all the character your tree has!!!

Melissa said...

Very beautiful! I love the garland you swagged across your drapes.

Tara said...

What a lovely tree. I really like the gourd ornaments. Too cute.

Joyce said...

You certainly have some lovely ornaments on your country tree. The toothpick one is awesome.

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