Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remembering the Ice Storm of 2009

Saturday morning we woke up with a covering of snow on the ground. I personally love snow and the first few snowfalls that we have each winter are so exciting! I immediately remember being a little girl watching it pour down huge flakes and staying up late to see if our school had been cancelled.
Last January when we had the big ice storm and our electric was out for four days we had mixed emotions about it. The part we enjoyed was being all cozy in our make shift beds near the warm fireplace. The part we didn't enjoy so much was the limited hot water in the shower! By Wednesday night we were completely out of hot water and thankfully our electric came back on Friday morning. We were very blessed to have a wood burning fireplace and we prayed for the many families that had to go without that week.

Here is our back yard the morning the ice fell:

One of our dogwood trees.

The first night Brian pulled out the propane fryer that we got for camping. This was our first time using it and it was an absolute blessing! Nothing like a boiled hot dog!

The chef! A country boy can survive!
We had some hamburger that was going to ruin, so we fixed it for our vegetable soup to eat on Wednesday.

Yummy vegetable soup by candlelight for supper!

Our source for heat!

Our source for light!

Brian and I both agreed that if we had a way to have hot water we believe that we could survive if we needed to without electricity! Not that we want another ice storm to come any time soon, but we are much more prepared now than we were last year!

You live and learn! :)
Although I still need to pick up a few candles..........

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The Real Me! said...

The pictures are beautiful. Usually when we are without power it's because a hurricane hit and it's hotter then the dickens here! LOL.
Which I think I would rather be hot then cold. LOL!
I'm married to a country boy too so I know that he'll take care of us. It's a nice comfort isn't it?

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