Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

We've had a great time this past week celebrating Jesus' birth with spending time with our families and we have one more special time coming up that I'll share later. :)
The girls before and after pics on Christmas morning.  It looks like a lot, but honestly our girlies are easy to please and like smaller stuff.  Except maybe for the boots that they needed! 
Christmas day we went to Nana's house.  Bella was too cute in her Christmas dress and bow!
And Miss Harper is precious!
Aunt Tracy is always so sweet and gives out plenty of gifts for everyone!
Nana got the girls some Snuggies they have always wanted and some bootie slippers!
Anna was sitting on Bella's bed with the tent on top of them.  It was too funny!
Harper was a little fussy and was about to throw some tears after I snapped this one. :o)
Nana and her grand-girls!
Tonight we met with Brian's dad's side of the family and had a great time.
Brian's dad is doing so well after his transplant surgery!  He has lost some weight, but he still looks great!
The group shot (minus a few)!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebrating Jesus that came so that we may live!

As I close I'm going to share Brian's Facebook status that he posted on Christmas morning.  It says all that needs to be said:

"Merry Christmas! I am thankful that like every year the girls woke us up this morning to open presents, but it hit me that the folks in Newtown, Conn. had a very different experience this morning. I am also thankful that my Dad is doing so well with his liver transplant, but there is a family that is missing a loved one this Christmas. I hope everyone will take the time to remember families who are grieving this Christmas. Most importantly I am thankful to the Christ of Christmas who has saved me and is better to me than I deserve. God bless you all this Christmas!"

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