Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas in Pigeon Forge

A few days after Christmas we met my side of the family in Pigeon Forge to stay at a cabin for a few days.  It was so much fun and everybody had such a good time.
The cabin was super nice and roomy!  It was called "The Cabin Patch."
There was a cool rocking horse there!
Kathryn, Madison, Cori, Anna, & Holly
Aidan and Kathryn riding Mr. Ed!
Sis, Mike, and Dad :)
Kati, Anna, Jan, & Madison
For our Christmas craft this year we brought some paracord so everyone could make bracelets!
It was a hit!  Of course after about 20 bracelets, Brian's fingers were a little sore. :)
Sweet cousins!  They don't get together as much as we would LOVE for them to.
Ariel, Anna, & Cori
We were happy happy happy that Gige and his girlies were able to drive up!!!  We missed Becky though. :(
Such beautiful girls!
Gige, Cori, Kati, & Dad
There was a cool play room in the basement of the cabin.
And the view as pretty great too!

Mom-mom and Aidan
Kathryn and Anna
Funny Anna!
Pa and some of the grand-kiddos before our bear hunt (READ: blowing off some energy!)
Love this pic of Dad and Holly.
I got my camera ready and said, "Look there's a bear!"  Hahaha!

Holly and Lauren

Here are some random pics from my phone:
We drove down to TN early that morning and we had to stop by the Bass Pro Shop!  Holly found the ultimate nutcracker!
The grocery cart for the weekend!
Brian and Kathryn when we first met up with everybody at check-in.
Ornament on the tree! :)
The tree at the cabin!

There was a huge tree going through all three floors of the cabin.  It was protected and there was heavy fines if it was damaged!

The dining table was great!
There was a Pac-Man game downstairs too!  I think all of the adults enjoyed a few games on it. :)
Before we left I was emptying one of our left over bowls off the deck and I accidentally dropped my bowl!  Mike was very chivalrous and ventured down to get it for me. :)

Our family group shot!

We all enjoyed spending time together and hopefully we can do this again sometime soon!!!

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