Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Our Thanksgiving week started out with Brian making us waffles last Saturday morning! He's getting pretty good at making them. Sissy spent the night with us Friday night and she got to enjoy them too!

Holly doesn't like them at all. :o)

Sunday afternoon we took Pam, Amber, & Bella to the airport. They headed to Florida for the week to visit Aunt Pat (Pam's sister) and enjoy some sunshine!

Sunday night we had a baptism service and this has to be one of my favorite pics of Bro. Kenny! He is a wonderful pastor and we are truly thankful for him.

This year Brian was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving so we decided we'd eat at our house on Tuesday. Even though we go to different family's homes we've always wanted to have our own meal at home too. I started cooking on Monday afternoon after our homeschool co-op and didn't finish until Tuesday afternoon. Not really. But I did enjoy fixing all the fixins' for our family. We were blessed to have Don Pinson come and eat with us. His wife and daughter were celebrating in Plymouth with Joel, so we invited him over.
These following pics are strictly so I'll have documentation of what I actually fixed. So next year I can look back and compare.
d. Eggs (I dislike their "other" name)

Cranberry Salad (new recipe that was awesome!)

Banana Pudding

I didn't get a picture of all the food before we ate on Tuesday, so I snapped this one before we ate the leftovers on Wednesday! :)
We had turkey, cornbread dressing (my Mama's version:), mashed potatoes, gravy, baby carrots, corn, green beans, d. eggs, cranberry salad, sweet potato casserole, mac-n-cheese, pecan & apple pies (homemade!), and rolls. Lots of work, but it was yummy!

Tonight (Thanksgiving Day) we went to Dad's house to eat. I caught all the kids in Dad's garage playing on the treadmill and made them do a line up!

Here is Dad with Chris (his girlfriend's son), Anna, Baby Katherine Reese (Mikey's baby), Madison (Mikey's oldest daughter), Lauren (Mikey's middle daugher), & Holly.
We were sure missing our family from Texas and Arkansas. :(

Here is Dad with the newest addition. Miss Katherine is so precious!
Hope you all had a wonderful week full of thankfullness!

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