Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mouse in the House

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a bit of a rodent problem. About 3 weeks ago the girls came running downstairs saying - "I think we just saw a bat in our room!"
Brian and I went up to their room all prepared with weapons (read: yard sticks). We searched that room over and no bat was to be seen. So Brian told them if they saw it again for one of them to keep an eye on it and the other one should come and do the reporting.

About 30 minutes later here comes Holly - "We just saw it and umm.....we think it's a mouse. Anna is watching it."
Sure enough it was a mouse. It took a few days, but with the help of a peanut butter covered candy corn and a testy mouse trap our mouse drama was over. Or so we thought.
The girl's room is a huge loft type room that has a door with access to the attic and we think that is where they are coming from.

Long story short. We have removed THREE deceased mice from the girl's room over the last 3 weeks. They, of course, have been sleeping on the couch since our spare bedroom is a classroom. So far we've gotten half of the room cleaned and sanitized. Tomorrow after school and lunch we plan on a complete room cleaning venture.

As the documentor of all things I just had to take a picture or two of our former friends. So if the sight of a dead mouse is too much, you can stop reading now.

I didn't get to snap a picture of the first one before Brian took it out.

But here is #2:

This little fellow just killed right over in the middle of the floor after dining on some delicious d-con (enhanced with peanut butter:).

I know this one is a little graphic. Sorry.
But Brian was at work and I was NOT about to remove that thing.

Obviously this wasn't our first rodeo with the varments, but I'm just hoping it is our last for a while.

I really-really-really despise cats, but to be honest a feline friend is looking very tempting about right now.


Jacquie said...

Oh, ICK!! That's no fun!

Tania said...

I know what your girls mean by not sleeping in a room where you have seen those nasty varments. Glad you got them taken care of.

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