Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best Friends

My best friend Nina's, mother-in-law Donna, was put in the hospital Saturday evening from some complications from her chemo and they have found out since then that she's been having some mini strokes. She has battled cancer on and off for about 5 years and has fought so hard for such a long time. Her inspiration has just been amazing and she has always given God the glory in whatever her body was going through. Nina and her hubby Greg came home before Christmas last year after serving on the mission field in South Asia for two years to help take care of his mother.

While they were overseas Nina homeschooled their kids and I was so happy that when they came back she decided to continue. Nina and I have been best friends since high school. In fact, she and Greg are who set Brian and me up back in January of '94! Brian and I went on our first date with them and we have all been so close ever since. They are who kept our girls when we went to Panama on a mission trip this summer, if that is any indication on how much we love and trust them :D Greg was a pastor before they left for about five years and now he is a full time pastor in a church in our association. Nina is a wonderful pastors wife! I tell her all the time that she is a one of a kind! She has been a trusting, compassionate, caring, loving, & selfless friend for so long. We always praise God for Him putting us together!
Yesterday, before our homeschool co-op classes they dropped their kiddos - Sissy, Logan, & Eli off to stay with us for a little while so they could get to the hospital for Donna. Sissy is at our house all the time with the girls, but the boys hardly ever get to come over. I think they all had a lot of fun playing. After cooking some breakfast I walked into the living room and just about fell in the floor laughing at this sight:

They were all playing a game on their DS games, together. They weren't having to do any school before our co-op so they made the most of their free time! I love these kids almost as much as our own. Please join me in praying for Donna, their mamaw as she is still fighting this cancer.
We have peace in knowing that our God is able!!!

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Jacquie said...

That picture is HILARIOUS. I'll be praying for Donna. There are so many people going through so many difficult times. I just got an email from my mom today that my uncle (her brother) is now in Hospice care.

Thank you for the sweet things you said about Tyler. I'm very proud of the changes he's making in his life. Praying that he will be able to stand strong against any peer pressure he may get.

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