Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Round-up

We have had a great weekend! It all started when the doorbell rang on Friday night and we got a couple of house guests:)

Nana and Bella came and spent the night with us!

I could honestly bite those lips off! Ha!

She sure does love her Uncle Brian!

We don't really celebrate Halloween anymore. The girls dress up all the time so to dress up and go trick or treating we just don't do. Not celebrating Halloween is just a personal conviction we as a family have agreed upon. I don't pass judgment on those that do.
God's Word says that we should abstain from all appearances of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22) and the research that we have done about Halloween tells me to keep away from celebrating it in even the most innocent ways!

We did recognize today (Oct. 31) as Reformation Day! It is the day that in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses upon the church in Wittenburg, Germany that sparked the Great Reformation!

This week the girls played Pioneer Girls and Holly was their protector!

Anna and Jubliee spinning!

Holly scootin'

Holly visiting our neighbor's horses. This picture reminded me of this one.......

Holly in 2006

The sunset on Saturday night was just amazing!

Last Tuesday, Brian was off work and we had a clean day! He re-arranged the living room with the girls help. He also fixed my old window/quilt that I made and hung it up for me.

Here are just a few pics of our living room. We'd eventually like to change the wood paneling, but it makes for a cabin/chalet feel.
This was Mama's black table and we found that mirror at Lowe's on clearance a few months ago.

We had a large square pine coffee table, but we decided to switch it out for a little while with this one that Brian made me out of old barn lumber. We'd like to get rid of that crazy recliner and get a few wing back chairs.

Our mantel with our annual fall pictures of the girls.

The other side :D

Anna's art table.
This room has the best light in the house and we can't fit this table up the spiral stairs to her room, so she's got her own little corner!

Last but not least - my tea bag squeezer! I have looked for one of these for months! Even when we were in Tenn in August I looked. Monday night Brian and I had a date night (thank you Nina!) and we ventured over to Bed, Bath, & Beyond after our dinner at 5-Guys and lo-and-behold I spotted one! It really is about the only thing that I could afford in there anyway.....haha!

Have a super blessed week and PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE go vote on Tuesday!!!!

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