Sunday, October 17, 2010

Annual Fall Pictures

We've had a pretty relaxed weekend. Saturday, Brian worked and the girls and I finished changing out their winter/summer clothes. We've all kind of got this congestion/sniffles so I spent some of Saturday in the bed too! :) Then today after church the girls and I had our annual fall photo shoot! Here are a few of my favorites. At the end I also posted the last 7 years of our fall pics.

The year we started doing fall pics - 2004








Jacquie said...

I don't know if you took all those, Jenn, but they are AMAZING!

nancygrayce said...

I love the fall pictures of your girls! What a great tradition!

Ashley said...

I'm visiting from Kelley's Korner and wanted to say how great these pictures are! I love that you do them all yourself (at least I think you do)..they really are amazing. I also love the tradition of it all! Thanks for sharing.

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